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Stress can negatively impact the quality of your life?

Unmanaged stress can contribute to a wide variety of mental and physical health issues including depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, heart disease, organ failure, and cancer. Living with unmanaged stress appears to have become a part of many day to day lifestyles. Given that unmanaged stress may lead to serious health issues, it really is worth learning how to manage your stress sooner rather than later, don't you think?


Our very early ancestors relied on what is often referred to as the Fight or Flight response to survive animal attacks and threats from angry neighbours. These days we analyse and interpret almost every situation or event we're exposed to, and if a threat to our wellbeing is perceived, an internal stress response is triggered. This stress response involves the production and circulation of  stress hormones throughout your body. You begin to feel stress when the presence of stress hormones in your body becomes noticeable. Before you can learn to manage stress it is important that you understand what stress really is. 

THINK-STRESS has developed an education program that is suitable for just about anyone who wants to learn more about stress and how to manage it more effectively. In May 2019, THINK-STRESS made available a FREE 30 minute online course entitled 'UNDERSTANDING STRESS'. After just 10 days, over 1400 people from 104 different countries had enrolled in the course. 

Click the 'UNDERSTANDING STRESS' button below to access the FREE 30 minute course: 


What you can do about your feelings of stress right now!

The THINK-STRESS Education Program can be delivered face to face to groups of staff, students, parents and friends, as a training session, workshop, or as a lecture. The content and style  of presentation can be customised to suit your particular needs.  Please click the 'Contact Us' button towards the top of this page to let us know you're interested in arranging a possible face to face presentation of the THINK-STRESS Education Program.

Alternatively you can enrol in our FREE 30 minute online course entitled 'UNDERSTANDING STRESS' should you wish to get started immediately.