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Stress can negatively impact the quality of your life?

Unmanaged stress can contribute to a wide variety of mental and physical health issues including depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, heart disease, organ failure, and cancer. It really is worth learning how to manage your stress.

UNDERSTANDING STRESS - FREE online video course

THINK-STRESS has developed an education program that is suitable for just about anyone who wants to learn more about stress and how to manage it more effectively. 

In May 2019, THINK-STRESS made part of this program available via a FREE 30 minute online video course entitled 'UNDERSTANDING STRESS'.  In less than six months more than 2160 students from 114 different countries had enrolled in the course, and it has averaged a 4 out of five star rating since then.

Here are some comments made about the course:

"This was so clearly and understandably explained, great examples, not too dumbed down. Thumbs up!"

"a great and simple way to understand stress"

Click the 'UNDERSTANDING STRESS' button below to access the FREE 30 minute course: 

Want to learn how to manage your stress?

The THINK-STRESS Education Program can be delivered face to face to groups of staff, students, parents and friends, as a training session, workshop, or as a lecture. The content and style  of presentation is flexible and can be customised to suit your particular needs. 

Please click the 'Contact Us' button below if you're interested in arranging a possible face to face presentation of the THINK-STRESS Education Program.