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The THINK-STRESS Education Program

TheTHINK-STRESS Stress Management Education Program starts by providing participants with a clear understanding of what stress really is, including what is meant by the terms stress response, stressors, and stress management. The program then breaks down stress responses into two response types, emergency and anticipation, and explains each in detail. Different types of stressors are discussed and participants are then guided through a process to help identify, analyse, and manage stressors, associated risks, and the possible stress responses. 

Delivery styles can be customised to suit your requirements but here are some options:

Option #1 Face to Face - LECTURE

This lecture, usually 45 – 60 minutes, focuses on ensuring that the audience receives a clear and easy to absorb explanation of what stress really is, what are stress responses, and how stress can impact the body. The information provided forms the foundation for the Stress Management Education Program.

Option #2 Face to Face - PLANNING DAYS

Content can be customised but is usually delivered as two separate presentations, including a dynamic lecture focussed on understanding stress (similar to Option #1 above), followed by group workshops which guide staff through the key elements of the THINK-STRESS Stress Management Education Program. The advantage in running this as a workshop is that staff get to support each other while discussing the stressors that are relevant to their specific work environment. 

Option #3 Face to Face - STAFF TRAINING

The THINK-STRESS Education Program is perfect for delivery in a training environment with groups of up to around fifteen members. Interactivity and demonstrations are included along with a strong emphasis on group participation. The training version of the program would normally be run over a half day session, and participants would gain a solid understanding of stress management and the application of the THINK-STRESS methodology for managing stress more effectively. 


At present there is a free 30 minute online video course available entitled 'UNDERSTANDING STRESS'. (Click the banner on top of this page to get immediate access to the free course. ) 

This short course will help you gain a clearer understanding of what stress is, how it starts, and why it requires managing. 

More advanced online courses will be made available in coming months. Check back here for details, or send us a message and we can let you know as soon as a new course goes live.